Virtual Lessons

In today’s world, technology has opened a host of opportunities. Now, we are teaching and new and exciting ways which we had never imagined before. We’re excited to now offer virtual music lessons for all instruments we teach. These lessons are offered at the lowest price of any lesson type.

Virtual lessons are a great option if you have a busy schedule and can’t make it to our studio, or if you live long-distance and we can’t travel to you! They also allow for more flexibility in scheduling, since no travel time is required for our staff or you.

Virtual lessons have the same educational value as in-person lessons. In fact, many students find they receive better value from virtual lessons since no time is lost getting set up in a lesson room, tuning instruments and settling in. You are able to completely maximize your lesson time with virtual lessons.

Consider virtual lessons if you have a busy schedule, don’t want to travel, and want an efficient and content-filled lesson.


Virtual lessons are $35 per half hour lesson. For a full list of pricing for all our lesson services, please view our pricing page.

Music Lessons: