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The trumpet is a popular brass instrument that has ancient historical origins. The instrument was primarily used in wartime for signaling calls in battles in countries from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece. The trumpet was also used in military bands prior to its inclusion into the orchestra and other musical ensembles starting in the 17th century. Today, the trumpet is primarily heard in concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, pop/rock groups, blues bands, and mariachi music!

How to Play the Trumpet:
Trumpet sound is produced by buzzing through a small mouthpiece as the sound is amplified through the brass instrument. Trumpet players change notes by adjusting their air speed and pressing down with different finger combinations on their valves.

Most students start on either a trumpet or cornet in beginning band. A cornet is an instrument that is similar to the trumpet, just shaped slightly differently – it is easier to hold for young players. Both instruments consist of a mouthpiece and the instrument’s body. This makes the trumpet very easy to set up.

Trumpet students in high school and college have the ability to learn how to play other trumpets such as the piccolo trumpet, C trumpet, or Eb trumpet. Some trumpet players in middle school even switch over to the french horn, which is a beautiful sounding curved brass instrument that is played in bands and orchestras.

Why Take Private Trumpet Lessons?
Students who play the trumpet in their school bands are highly encouraged to study the instrument privately to deepen their understanding and skills of the instrument and general music theory. A private lesson teacher can not only help the student play music and exercises from concert band, but can also help learn more techniques and solo repertoire for solo/ensemble contests and auditions.

Unlock your trumpet potential and book a lesson with Edge Music Academy. Trumpet lessons are currently available in all our service areas including Naperville, Homer Glen, Bolingbrook, Lockport, Woodridge, Lemont, Mokena, Frankfort and Orland Park.

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