Bass Guitar Lessons

A good bass guitar player is hard to find! With bass guitar lessons from Edge Music Academy, you can be one of the best.

The bass guitar is a lot like the regular guitar. It has a similar shape, but the bass guitar has a longer “neck” (the part that you put your left hand on) and a bigger body (the fat part of the bass guitar). The bass guitar only has four strings, but the guitar has six!

The bass guitar player often plays the “bass line” the accompanying low notes, while the regular guitar plays chords or a melody. The bass guitar is the steady heartbeat of the band.

Although the standard bass guitar has only four strings, more advanced and fancy bass guitars can have five, six, ten, or even twelve strings! Bass guitar lessons are currently available in all our service areas including Naperville, Homer Glen, Bolingbrook, Lockport, Woodridge, Lemont, Mokena, Frankfort and Orland Park.

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