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All guitar, bass, piano, voice, violin/viola and ukulele students have different learning styles. Music lessons are only as successful as the partnership that is created between student, teacher and the student’s family. Here at EMA, we value customization and work hard to tailor the music lesson experience to every student, family and individual’s needs.

In order to achieve this goal, EMA is proud to offer many types of music lessons in Naperville and the surrounding area based on your interest and experience level.

Perhaps you like to see your teacher face-to-face, and learning in your home is distracting to you. Try an in-studio lesson for a traditional music lesson experience.

Maybe you have a busy work schedule, or you’re a bit farther away from our student and don’t want to spend time driving. Or, you’re taking extra precautions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. A virtual lesson may just be the thing for you!

Want to to learn more about all the different instruments that we teach at Edge Music Academy? We offer piano lessons, guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, and bass guitar lessons for each lesson format. Each instrument has it’s own unique personality, so it’s important to make sure you choose the one that is the best fit for you! We’ve curated great information on all our music lesson types and the instruments we teach at the pages below.

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