Trombone Lessons

The trombone is a widely used brass instrument that has its ancient origins. The instrument was invented during the Renaissance period and was known as the Sackbut. The modern trombone produces much louder sounds than ancient versions, and is known for producing different notes using a slide, sort of like a slide whistle. The trombone player also buzzes a mouthpiece like the trumpet, but it’s about twice the size.

Some students benefit more from a smaller or larger mouthpiece, depending on the shape of their mouths and lips. The trombone is primarily heard in concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, rock bands, and blues bands.

How is the Trombone Played?
The trombone player can change notes by adjusting their air speed on the mouthpiece in addition to adjusting the slide positions. The most fun part of playing the trombone is playing a glissando, in which the player makes a big loud slide on their instrument. The trombone is made up of three parts: the bell, the slide and the mouthpiece.

Experienced trombone players can often switch to a trombone with an F attachment. This makes it easier to switch some notes without having to move the slide as much. They also often transition to the bass trombone if they are interested in playing low notes. The bass trombone is bigger ,thus producing lower notes. An alto trombone is rarely used, but can be played for higher sounds.

Why Take Private Trombone Lessons?
Students who play trombone in their school bands are highly encouraged to study the instrument privately to deepen their understanding and skills of the instrument and general musical knowledge. A private lesson teacher not only can help the student play music and exercises from concert band, but can also help learn more techniques and solo repertoire for solo/ensemble contests and auditions.

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