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The saxophone is one of the most popular and widely known wind instruments in western music. Homer Simpson famously called this instrument a “saxomaphone” – and the nickname stuck! Saxophones are used primarily in concert bands, jazz bands, in addition to pop, rock, soul/R&B, and blues bands. The saxophone has a bright and powerful sound that’s a hybrid between brass and woodwind instruments. The saxophone is known as a woodwind family member. The saxophone’s body is made up of metals while the player blows across a reed like the clarinet.

How is the Saxophone Played?
Similar to a clarinet, a saxophone player can change notes by pressing down different key combinations. The saxophone plays a lead role in the big band jazz setting. The saxophone, like most other instruments, is actually a family of instruments. That means there are many different kinds of saxophones you can learn to play! Students in middle school and high school band can learn to play soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone in concert band or jazz band.

The saxophone is made of three parts and uses a neck strap to help hold the instrument in place.

Why Take Private Saxophone Lessons?
Students who play saxophone in school bands are highly encouraged to study the instrument privately to deepen their understanding and skill on the instrument and general music theory. A private lesson teacher can help the student play music and exercises from concert band and show the student additional techniques and solo repertoire for solo/ensemble contests and other auditions.

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