Group Community Music Lessons

Edge Music Academy prides itself on being a community oriented music school that provides the highest quality guitar, piano, ukulele and bass guitar lessons in the area.

It’s important to us to give back to the local communities where we teach, and to introduce the joy of music to people of all ages free of charge. Music has been a way for people to gather in community for thousands of years. Music provides a celebration of life, makes special occasions joyful, and brings people together to share culture, memories, and fun.

Edge Music Academy offers community based music lessons for groups and organizations in the area. These can be group guitar lessons, piano lessons, ukulele lessons, or even bass guitar lessons!

If you are a scout troop, preschool, library, youth group, church, etc., that is interested in a reduced price or free group class, send us an inquiry and we’d be happy to tailor a presentation or class to your group’s needs.

This is a great opportunity to introduce individuals in your group who may be curious about learning an instrument. Often, if someone is interested in trying out piano, guitar, bass guitar, or ukulele lessons, a group class is a great place to try out the instrument and see if it is right for them.

You’ve got nothing to lose! Bring the power of music to your group or organization to supplement your curriculum or community offerings, or simply to introduce the power of music.

*A conversation regarding the safety and precautions take for community or group lessons is currently part of the kickoff process in light of COVID-19. Safety is our top priority.

Interested in private lessons? Check out information regarding private lessons below.

Music Lessons: